Oregon Trail

When the first pioneers started moving west they crossed a huge trail that went through half of the North American continent. To cross they traveled in wagon but most of them walked. This trail was named the Oregon Trail. Also the pioneers saw intense changes in land such as when they crossed the Great Plains. It was very flat and hard. Crossing this trail the pioneers had many decisions to make. Their choices were where to set camp and when to make animals rest. Their biggest choice came at the end of the trail, to go on a raft down the Columbia River or where to cross the river. On the way to get to Oregon or California they found lots of forts which before were used as trading posts. Oregon City was the end of the Oregon Trail. Married people got 640 acres of land each person had to claim their land. Right when they got there they started to work because winter was coming up in a few months and they still didnt have anything built (houses etc.). So at the end everyone worked not only the animals that pulled the cart. If somebody didn´t invent this trail it would of been harder for the pioneers to cross the land because they´d get lost. I think the Oregon Trail was very important to the pioneers heading west.

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