The life of a gold seeker was really hard. Some gold seekers even regretted digging for a living. The equipment they used to find gold was a pan. The easiest way to find gold was called”panning for gold.” The gold seekers would first put the pan in the river, and then shake it a bit. It was rare if someone found gold. At night if any gold seeker still had money they would go to saloons, or in other words bars, because they wanted to be entertained and relaxed after a day of digging. There was a disease called cholera which came up because of the dirty water gold seekers put their hands into. A lot of the gold seekers died without knowing what ever happened to them. The people who lived from the disease quit their jobs as gold seeker and looked for another job. Women often looked for jobs that were near their husbands. They worked as entertainers in saloons, cooks, and washerwomen. Most Women with money would open boarding schools and churches. So, as you see the life of a gold seeker was super hard and I think that it was a bad idea to start looking for gold.

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