The Pony Express was one of the only ways to contact family members that lived in the far west in the 1800s. It was very impressive because it worked by passing mail with horses every 15miles running with horses at maximum speed. The letter got delivered 10 to 15days. It may be slow compared to now that we have e-mail, airplanes, and cars, but it was really fast in the 1800s. This is how it worked. First, young, skinny boys carried the mail. They used horses in maximum speed until the next horse station. There was the other man waiting for the mail so the other person passed it and the other one went. The first time the Pony Express started was Aril 3, 1860. It succeeded so lots of people started to use it. It wasn’t easy the work. They had to go through blizzards and snowdrifts. They had to fight with wolves. They got about 125 dollars each month. They were paid more if it was dangerous. They had to promise to not drink liquor, fight or say bad language. One of the famous riders was William Cody. He was only 15 and rode in a dangerous place. I think it was a very impressive system in 1800s.


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