There were two Native Americans tribes along the Oregon Trail. One was called Cheyenne which was in the north of the trail and the other was called Pawnee which was in the south. Both of the tribes treated pioneers great. The two tribes helped Pioneers in so many ways such as getting wagons out of the mud when it happened, rescuing people when they were drowning, and rounding up lost cows. Before the Pioneers met the Native Americans, they thought that the Native Americans were going to attack. But in fact they turned out nice. So, the Native Americans and the Pioneers started trading. The Native Americans offered horses and food while the pioneers offered clothes, rifles, and tobacco. After a while the Native Americans and pioneers became foes. The Native Americans got kicked out of their land in the west. Many Pioneers were worried if the Native Americans would surprise attack on them but very few got killed by Native Americans. I would have never let the pioneers kick out the Native Americans especially scince the Native Americans were nice to the pioneers.


The Oregon trial. April 9, 2009.Charles Martin Sr. April 10, 2009.