When the Pioneers found out that California had gold in rivers, lots of people went to California to get rich. But, California wasn’t close for the pioneers. They had to either walk 2000 miles, or cross the sea for 6 months. There were two ways to go by sea. One way was, you cross the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Argentina and go back up with the Atlantic Ocean. It took more than 6 months. Later, the Pioneers found another way to go. They crossed Panama and Mexico walking through the jungle, so it would be shorter, but it was very dangerous crossing the jungle. The people that already lived in the central states used the California trail. It was the shortest but it was the most difficult way to travel. There were Native Americans and animals that can attack. But, the most dangerous thing was water that they drunk because there was very little clean water and cholera was very common at that time because they had to drink dirty water. The other dangers of water were the rivers that they had to cross. They used oxen to cross but if the oxen died, they couldn’t move the wagons any more. Even if they succeeded in this terrible trip, most of them didn’t become rich.


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