The First Pioneers in the Appalachian Mountains

The first pioneers heading west lived in the Appalachian Mountains. They made everything they had and the food they ate they hunted or grew. These early pioneers made everything they needed including clothes, houses settlers lived in fear. They thought that an native American group might attack them. Each day the settlers worked very hard. Every single family member had chores to do such as milk the cows. Appalachian pioneers had 6-10 children when the children grew they went a few miles deeper. Very few kids went to school because they had to work hard at home. Pioneers came from all parts of the world such as Ireland, England, Scottish and German. They came from other countries for freedom. Religion was very important to them. It gave them comfort. Lots of log churches were built. They also loved to sing it made them feel good. Their songs told about their feeling sad, happy, hope, fear, etc. These were the first pioneers heading west.
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