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Chinese Immigrants

The Chinese immigrants found out the news of California about the gold in about the year 1851. In a year, 25,000 Chinese were hoping to get money for their families and then go home. Many of them were poor. When the Chinese immigrant went to California, all the gold that was easy to dig up was gone. So, they started to work together in mines where other miners had given up. The Chinese immigrants invented new, easier ways for finding gold by using tools and machines. The American miners were very jealous so they tried to convince the government to tax foreign miners. The American miners also used threats and violence so they could try making the Chinese leave. Many of the Chinese Immigrants found work by helping build the first transcontinental railroad. When the transcontinental railroad was finished in the year 1869, the Chinese started to find out new ways to make money by, opening stores, working as farmers, and working as fishermen. The Union Pacific company made a track east from Sacramento, California. There was a contest to see which crew laid more track. Surprisingly, the Chinese won. It was surprising because, the Chinese were treated really badly and they still won. The Chinese railroad workers were paid less than other workers and worked longer hours. As well as that, they did more dangerous jobs. Sometimes the Chinese workers carved tunnels through strong solid rock walls. The Chinese went down cliffs in wicker baskets fastened to ropes.
I think that the Chinese Immigrants didn't deserve to be treated meanly.
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